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Okay, so my male and female have 2 joeys now and so they didnt breed again for a while i just separated my male from the female. The malr has been separated from mom and joeys for about 2 days now. Today i went to go pick him up and he went crazy! He is normaly not crzy we are well bonded... So i picked him up and he ran up my arm, jumped off and glided around my room. I finally caught him and he attacked me! He drew blood! I dont know if he has sepperation anxiety, or hes wired from a piece of sugar cane i gave him, but its just not like him to do that...
         Please get back to me!!, sierra

Gliders are weird in the sense that some almost want you to be around the babies and some do not want you near them. And it can change from glider to glider and even litter to litter. Really the only thing to do with gliders like this is give them space, do not bother them, touch them or do anything to stress them out till the joeys get out of the pouch and are bigger. I leave my glider pair together after breeding but some advise not to and some, like me, have done it for years with no issue. But this wont solve the problem with the protective male, but it may make him a bit calmer being closer to them.
  There really is nothing you can do though, I have a couple males like this and once the babies are bigger they go back to being normal. If this is his first litter, that would explain the behavior also. He is just trying to be a good daddy. Also I wouldnt reccomend sugar cane, its not really good for them and even though they are "sugar" gliders, they are prone to getting diabetes. So no sugar cane for them. Let me know if anything changes with him.

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