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i have a question about my suggies behavior. I own two suggies one female and one neutered male.  they where not raised together but have been together for the last 1.5 yrs. their introduction process went awesome.  my question is that i have noticed that the male suggie seems to be bullying my female. i want them to live with each other full time but i noticed that when they are in the cage together when they are active he bullies her. during the day they love to sleep with each other.i keep them apart half of the time at night when i am sleeping cause how he acts. she is much smaller then him and has anxiety. she didn't not develop normally. she small for her age and has a short tail. the vet said it was cause she was born in a suggie mill and didn't have enough calcium during her first year of life.  she is very special and living an awesome life now.  but when they wake up he runs after her and yells at her only in the cage. outside the cage they are fine and play with each other. they do not fight.  and when they sleep together he hugs her the whole time. i don't know if i should let them be or keep them separate at night.  i give them enough food to eat in two different locations in the cage. but he would let her eat when he is eating. i have two cages. just not sure if i should let them work it out. thank for you advise.

Even being fixed, a male will always be a male. He is just less mean than he should be. Are they getting to come out of the cage and play everyday? Is there plenty of food dishes? I give 1 dish per glider, I also provide more than one coconut hut or sleeping pouch. Its not uncommon for even a fixed male to become aggressive to a female, especially if she is smaller than he is.
  I would try letting them out extra long everyday and try making them tired, not stressed but tired. Get them new and exciting toys if you can, feathery cat toys are great. Its also common for them to do this when bored, do you change their toys out monthly? I swap all my gliders toys out once a week but I have enough to open my own toy shop. But like children, they do need new toys as often as possible.
 Is he hurting her or just picking on her? If he isnt causing her to bleed or to start pulling fur try doing the things above that I mentioned. If he continues then I would really suggest keeping them in seperate cages next to each other and only letting them play while you watch. There is no real way to fix his behavior towards her, all he knows is she is smaller and he is bigger. I had a rescue glider that I had to basically make solitary, not sure what his owners did to him but he would attack other gliders through the bars and would scream and crab all night. I aquired him due to him killing his cage mate..So watch them carefully, if you see or feel injuries on her or she starts to act stressed, seperate them. If she is alot smaller than a average female she is bound to always be picked on, even by another female. They establish dominance more than males, so I would not try getting her another mate. You will just have to be her mate and play with them both as much as possible.
  Let me know if anything changes with them and I will see if I can help some more.  

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