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I just got a sugar glider that is two years old. She is very happy and playful. My grandpa gave her to me from a breeder in ohio who didnt want her anymore. After about a month with her i norice her ears were a little dry. I didnt think much of it till.the tips tured black. I took her to a vet who knew about sugar gliders. She said she really hasent seen anything like it. She said. that she may be stressed and gave me some antibiotics, and pain killers. I feed her right, i give her fruits veggies worms and pellets each night. Her ears are slowly falling off each month. They are almost gone. To make madders worse, she is now chewing on her tail.  She is still very playful and eats right, but i don't know what to do please help

No she is very stressed, since she was with a breeder for that long and was always around other gliders she NEEDS to be with another glider. There is no way around her stress, I rescue gliders and have been given many single kept gliders who come in and they play..but are severely stressed and cause self mutilation by chewing their tails and legs off. It can get pretty bad, Im not trying to worry or scare you but it is best that you give her to someone who is well experienced with gliders and who has more than one so she can be paired with another. Otherwise she will just continue to chew on herself until she basically kills herself.
  A stressed glider is not a fun glider, and the ears are likely due to her scratching and trying to hurt herself. Your best bet is to get on the phone and find someone within the next few days. Unless you can dish out another 150$ and bond her with a new glider in a couple of days (which is impossible as far as bonding goes) she is just going to get worse. I have gotten some gliders in that are on the chewing stage and they are past help at that point, so call someone in your area as soon as you can.

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