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Sugar Gliders/sugar glider ear mites?



can I know how does ear mites actually looks like?
I've read somewhere in a website saying that ear mites looks like dust in the sugar glider this true?

By looks its sort of hard to say whether or not these are mites. Gliders can get all kinds of stuff in their ears and most of the particles look like and are the size of ear mites. If they are rubbing their ears on stuff, scratching, tilting their head to one side for a long period of time, then I would have them vet checked by a vet that is VERY familiar with gliders. Any vet will see a glider but not ever vet will be honest in saying they don't really know what to do and most will tell you to treat it like you would if a cat had ear mites, WRONG!

If your glider does have mites, he/she will need medicine that your vet will have to sign for and give to you, normally its a 2 week treatment given orally. For now watch them, I would gently wipe the ear out with a tissue and see how quickly the dots come back (or if at all). Watch him and at the first sign of excessive ear attention, take him in. Don't freak over a little ear scratch every now and then though, but if he is constantly going at it then that's a issue.

Let me know if he gets better or if anything changes with him or his ears. And if you wind up taking him to the vet and they tell you to put any drops for cats or dogs in there I would not advise it. Of course it wont hurt every glider but I have heard of a number of them going deaf due to this treatment.  

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