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I always seem to over cut my gliders nails till it they feel the pain?cuz it kept bleeding for awhile.he can't keep still so everytime when i cut his nails there will be do i overcome this problem.cuz i dread cutting their nails n now my hands r all scarred.
Thank you"

Rarely do I cut gliders nails. It is to easy to cut off a toe or over cut them, which if bad enough can cause the glider to lose enough blood to make it weak and lethargic or die. I have rough toys in the cage that file down their nails, they are perches made for birds. I don't even file them because you can break or injure a toe.

And yes they can feel pain, if you continue to do this it can make your glider fearful of you and can cause real damage to the bond you have. Just wear long sleeves or get them rough toys to help file the nails down.

It is just natural for owners to be clawed up by their gliders. I have big monitor lizards who have insane claws so to me a glider's claws are nothing. But most people just wear long sleeve clothes to get around the issue. Rarely do people clip the nails and when they do it normally always ends up bad.

A vet may do it for a small fee, but no matter who does it you need some quikstop or flour around to stop the bleeding. Just glob some on the nail and hold pressure for a minute or two.

But again, I don't clip or advise it.  

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