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I have had my two male sugar gliders now for a little over 4 months (got them 8 weeks pop), and they do the things expected as a bonding sugar glider would do. They come to the cage, they will sleep in our pockets, they come towards us, but there are random times where both the males will act as though they do not know who we are (never crabbing in the process), and would rather jump to the floor and not come to us (one jumps to the floor and the other stays on the curtain). We play with them an hour a night and hold them for about 3 hours during the day in either than bonding pouch or our pockets. I was wondering why they might be having these sudden changes in behavior? Also I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help further bond/train my sugar glider to just lay in my hand without instantly wanting to move about on my body?

It takes time. They are in a rebellious stage. If they are not fixed they need to be asap.. that is very very important for 2 males.

Pouch them for an hour and return then and give them a treat every time. Don't pouch them to long. You need to be as much of a positive figure as you can be to them, but also don't let them run the show. There is a fine line between being assertive with them and being annoying to them. It's learning it that is the hard part.

I always use sugar free Apple sauce on a finger when taming. I let them eat it off, they may bite but do not pull away. They want a reaction and moving will make them learn that biting will get rid of you.

It can take up to 8 months to really bond with a glider. Which is why most people sell them, they just don't have the patience for them. Just keep doing what you are doing, be consistent and as positive as you can be with them.

No tv, music, phone, or other pets when they are out. Keep it quiet, calm and slow moving.

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