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His genitalia
His genitalia  

Won\'t eat
Won't eat  
I got two gliders a few months ago and one of them is really aggressive and would take the other ones food. We just noticed this so we started holding the nicer one and putting him in another cage. He was really weak at first and then he went back to normal, now he's very weak again. He had a pink worm thing coming out and we looked it up and thought maybe he was going through puberty. It just came out again and it's kind of red and it's only one string. I had a few questions. How long does "puberty" last? Is he supposed to be this calm? I gave him yogurt chips (a) but he held it in his mouth for about 7 min and then spit it out. His lip started bleeding. And then I gave him some water but he made a "pushing" sound, and right when he drank he peed on me. He won't even put his head up as I am watching him in his cage. Would you happen to know if you could get pictures on here? I would like a vet to see this but if I get a local one it's costs a lot of money.

Puberty does not normally cause issues for gliders unless they already have a health issue. Improper introduction of the 2 gliders can cause stress to the less dominant one. If they are both males then this could also be the issue, even if they are both fixed one male can sometimes be very dominant and aggressive towards the other one.

Gliders are not calm creatures, unless they are ill or depressed or stressed. I would really suggest having him looked at or separating him. If you separate him and he does not start eating after 24 hours then he needs to be seen. They can dehydrate and go down hill very quickly and it will be very costly after that, and once they get badly ill or dehydrated there is slim chance of them making it.

I had a group of 3 gliders that all died due to dehydration. I went out of town for the weekend and the person I had watching them never checked their water and within a day they were very sluggish and weak and even with IV fluids they didnt make it.  

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