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We recently bought a new young male sugar glider named Bilbo.He is just over a year old. We have an 8yr old female Momma. We have had her since she was 1. Someone stole her mate. Awful I know. I posted this and someone sold me their young male very cheap because if our broken hearts. So sweet. Sorry off topic..Anyway, they told us he has been in his own cage beside his parents so they could see each other but not breed. He has never even been alone with a female and has never bred before. After the introductions and the adjustment period, they seem to like each other very much. We have had him about a month.The only problem is that Bilbo is ALWAYS on Mommas back. He has never tried to mate with her until yesterday. She can no longer have joeys so we aren't worried about that. It's just weird that he is on her back all the time. What's going on? What can we do? We have had gliders in the past and none of the males ever did this unless it was mating time. Then it was only 24-48 hrs. But Bilbo is ALWAYS on her back and it's causing problems now. She's getting irritated and so are we I have to admit. Help!

He has found a new mama basically, it is just like with cattle, if you dont separate the mom and calf when it is time for weaning that baby will stay on mom for years. It isnt unusual for a cow to have a calf and that calf grows up, has a calf of its own and is still nursing from mom even though they are now the same size.

If he is still really young, under 6 months, then he is still really clingy and if he is allowed to stay that way he will. If she is getting irritated with him then I would keep them in different cages but still keep them near each other. You dont want her stressing out because she has a leech now.

There really isnt a way or method to break it, sadly they dont respond like dogs do to where you could verbally train him to stay off her. But he feels comfortable riding on her now and he will hang on to that comfort for as long as he is allowed to.

Even if it is a small cage, try to keep them apart for a few more months. Hold him often and get him more used to you and make him feel like you are his new security blanket. Then try to introduce them again and see how it goes.

He should stop piggy backing all the time but if he does not you may have to part them again or just let her deal with it on her own. She will get mad enough eventually and start fighting with him, which may be what he needs to stop, but then it will hurt their bond that they have.  

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