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I am in a situation where I need to re introduce a female glider with her 2 neutered brothers. They have been apart for about 1-1 1/2 years, what is the best way to go about doing this?

Thank you

If the brothers have been cage mates then keep them as cage mates. If not then you will need to split all into 3. But lets just say the brothers have been cage mates. You keep them in their cage and her in her own cage. Place them as close as you possibly can to each other ( some cage designs wont allow for cage to cage touching but if yours does then even better!).

You will want to care for them normally and just let them do their thing for a good while, after the first week you can swap pouches out. Take the pouch from the females cage and place it in the males and take the males pouch and put it in the females cage.

This will help with the scent bonding, now there can be issues here. Some gliders will refuse to sleep in the new pouch ( since it smells like another glider. Most will get over it after a day or so, but if the glider is sleeping on the cage floor for more than 2 days or isnt sleeping at all, then a new pouch needs to be provided. This will make the whole task much, much harder and will take a long time. Lots of patience is needed.

Lets say they all take to the others pouch well, continue to do this for at least a month. Swap the pouches every 3-5 days or so. If they are interacting well next to each other in their cages then you can begin to let the female out to roam and let her climb on and check their cage out. again do this for a few weeks.

It is always best to make introductions take longer than you think they need. If you jump into it to soon ( even if they seem fine) it can back fire and when that happens it is a HUGE set back.

During their play time, when they are all out. leave all cage doors open. It is very good to let them explore each others cages. But you do not want to throw one into the other cage, the others will become dominant very quickly. It really just takes a lot of time and patience and consistency. Smell and sight are the two biggest things you want to work with. Let me know if you have any other questions or if you run into any issues.

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