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I need to know if it's safe to feed them organic raw blue agave sweeten with...although I've had gliders now for 13+yrs; I still can't find a safe foods list I can trust, and many contradict one another....I would love to find a complete list of safe / unsafe foods and drink ingredients that I can finally trust....I have raised my gliders on many organics so far that other "glider people" say is not safe, yet I see what they say IS safe, and I sometimes disagree...but solely from my own experience. I'm hoping you can advise me, it has been so difficult to get just the facts , rather than someones opinion....I thank you, ahead of time    Carla

This is always a debatable topic between breeders. Some religiously feed theirs honey and other things similar, others wouldn't dare get it near their gliders. Some give nuts as treats and again, others just refuse to even think of that.

There are many lists, most have similar foods as far as safe and unsafe.. but you will have the extra's thrown in and thats when you have to wonder. It really all depends on the glider as well.

No store nectar ( agave, maple or honey) should be given to gliders. It is processed and cooked down and even the organic stuff is changed enough to not make it healthy, like they would eat in the wild. It really shouldnt even be a staple treat if fed, maybe once every couple weeks and a very very tiny amount.

I don't feed foods like this, I feed monkey pellets as well as their typical glider-ade, bugs n berries and I do fresh fruit, insects ever now and then and a frozen puree that I make that they love. But this is really all their diet needs to be. I use sugar free, home made, apple sauce when training or bonding and fresh fruit as treats.

I have never found a solid food chart, they will be pretty good but most will contain numerous foods that I would not consider feeding to my guys. I can thankfully say I am one of very few that has never had obesity or diabetic issues with any of my gliders.

If I was to pic one,  This is the one I would go off of, but again there are some conflicting foods or some missing from here that I find important. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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