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I just rescued a pair of breeding gliders that are about 2 years old.  I have 1 male (unneutered) glider as his cage mate passed away.  When trying to introduce them they fought pretty badly.  I was wondering if there are any tips to get them in the same cage as I've heard of many people with colonies of 7 gliders in a cage.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'd start by neutering all of the males, as this will help. Then do slow introductions one on one in a neutral area, like a tent or the tub (put fleece in the bottom). Put one glider at one end, one at the other, clean pouch in the middle and watch em.

If they ball up and fight, separate immediately. If they just spat a bit they will probably be fine. If they snuggle up together in the pouch this is what you want. You can try putting them into a cleaned cage at that point. Make sure to watch them, though. Some spatting is normal - they will work out dominance. But again, any balling up, separate.

Good luck!  

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