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QUESTION: Yesterday my female sugar glider was just fine and when I went to feed her and my male glider she was very still. She seems to be very lethargic. I picked her up and loved on her and it seems that her vagina is wet. Do you have any idea what the problem may be? Is she sick? Should I take her to the vet?? Please help!

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ANSWER: I would absolutely take her to the vet ASAP.  Lethargy in gliders is never a good sign!

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QUESTION: After feeding her a few mealworms and eating her other food she seems to be doing much better. She's still moving kinda slow but she's still sitting there eating. Could it be she was just really hungry and thirsty? I usually feed them in the morning but I wasn't home until around 9:00pm and that's when I fed them.

I would keep a very close eye on her, and if anything else seems off, take her right away.  It's possible, since you fed them at an abnormal time, that her blood sugar could have been low or something like that, but without me being a vet, and able to inspect the animal, it's really hard to say.

I'm glad to hear that she's doing better, though!

Wetness around the cloaca could be from grooming, urine, etc.  If it doesn't clear up, I'd have her looked at too, just to rule out a UTI, which can be pretty common in gliders.

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