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I have a question regarding my 8months male sugar glider Bruno.
He is my first sugar glider and  had him from the pet store back in January and it has been 3months.(We live in Tokyo)
I am taking my time to getting close to him and recently I started taking him
out of the cage and play in a tent,(actually I just sit down there and when he come close,
I just rub him gently when he seems let me touch.(only a bit.)
I canít even pick him up yet and touch and it is like we are trying to
getting know each other.Still on the bonding process.
He seems like he likes to play and hop(run) in the wheels.And when he is in the cage and
he seems always enjoying the wheels.
But yesterday after I played with him in the tent like 30 minutes,I saw him running like a crazy,
and making SHEE sounds and keep running in the cage.There were someone that he Is not used to
in my place other than my husband.I donít think it does matter because last time it was only me around him.
I tried to give him an attention by giving him  snacks but he didnít stop at all and it lasted like
30minutes.I saw him being like this last month for the first time,and yesterday was the 2nd time.
I donít know what was going on with him.He seemed upset and I couldnít stop him being
like that.It happened late afternoon,and last time was in the morning.
Is he stressed so much?he has any complains in his house(cage)?
He must be upset with the SHEE sounds.He was running very very fast and making noise,
the cage was all shaking(I use acrylic cage for him)
I couldnít get any information regarding this wheels with the sugar glider.
Please let me know.Thank you.

To start, gliders should be handled ( very hands on) from day 1. There isnt really a slow bonding process with them like there is for monitors ( reptile). From the time their eyes are open, I take and hold the babies for a few minutes, several times a day. There is a specific way to properly hold and bond with a baby. It is almost like a smashing, rolling, method. I do not suggest doing it unless a well known breeder can assist you, as you can hurt the glider if you do not know what you are doing.

A bonding pouch should also be used with a baby. If you only allow him to do and come to you as he pleases, then he will become a very dominant glider and may even get aggressive if he thinks he can rule you and make you go away if he wants. There will be biting, all gliders bite, even after tame they will go through a sassy period and try and bite and crab at you, because they do not want you around.

As for the noise, as long as his cage is the proper size ( minimum of 2 foot by 1 foot by 2 foot) and he has plenty of toys as well as a properly balanced diet, then he should be ok. I would need to see the cage and know the dimensions to tell if something needs to be changed there.

Gliders also should never be kept a lone, even if you are home all day, as they are a group social animal to other gliders, not to humans. Even a full day of interaction with you would not do the same things emotionally and mentally as would being with other gliders.

But I suggest getting him fixed and getting a female with him, do not pair them if unfixed. As having babies and not being familiar with gliders can cause for a lot of health and behavioral issues. I do not suggest 2 males either, unless fixed and bought at the same time and same age.

You have to really know a glider to know what the cause of the noise is. I have gliders that will crab while I am feeding everyone, because they are mad that I am taking so long. They will all sit at the front of their cages and everyone makes as much noise as they can until they have been fed.

His behavior could very well be out of agitation, or him trying to tell you he wants to be left alone. He really needs to have more hands on work. Allow him to get down and play, but you need to be picking him up and holding him for very brief periods so he realizes he is not the boss. It is also good to have a glider who is used to being held down, as this helps at the vet or if there is ever a issue.

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns  

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