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Sugar Gliders/female on female?


I have 2 female suggies, not sisters, and they keep trying to hump each other and one of them chatters her teeth while doing it and chases the other wild through out the cage just to hump her. Neither have them have been breed. What the heck is going on and how do I stop it?

It is a dominance thing, one female has become the alpha and that is how she rules the other one. She is basically asserting her dominance.

You can't really stop them, but if the other one becomes stressed or bad fighting starts I would separate theme.

As even females that have lived together for years can get aggressive.  

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I can answer most questions on sugar gliders. What to do before, during and after pregnancy, how to tame babies or adults, dietary questions, housing, etc. I can not properly diagnose or take place of vetrinary care for a glider but I can give suggestions.


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