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Hello there I bought a female sugar glider 3 weeks ago to join my male glider. She is over a year old and has been normal since I got here but yesterday when I took her out to play I noticed she was licking her pouch constantly and it was very wet and a little bloody. I could not see a baby or anything but I didnt open the pouch up either. She is not moving around very slow and her butt is straight up in the air. I can tell she is uncomfortable and she will not let the male in the pouch with her which is not normal they are best buds lol. I dont know if she could be pregnant so soon or if its something else. Hope you can help. Thank you!!!

Only a get can say. I have never had a female have a bloody pouch, but a baby would be far to small for you to see. Know that breeding them can cause the female to become aggressive and agitated from here on out.

I also would not have bred her so early. As she is still young. But really a vet is the only real answer for what is wrong.

Also, make sure to pull the male from the cage until you plan to breed again (if you do) if not, he needs to be fixed asap.

Back to back breeding can cause major health issues in females and death is very common.

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