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I am about to get a sugar glider and it will be the first time I have had any experience with one (Although I have experience with other exotic pets) and I have heard several things about their dietary requirements.
I am just after a recipe so I know what I should be feeding my glider every day to ensure it is happy and healthy!
Some people say feed mostly fruit and veg and others say only about 25% of  their diet should e fruit/veg.

Thanks for your time!

Gliders have very particular dietary needs, and what you listed isn't sufficient. They require a handmade staple of some sort that holds the bulk of the nutrients they need, then they so get fruit and vegetables on top of that.

Take a look here:

Out of these I most highly suggest the AWD diet. I would also advise staying away from the HPW Plus and HPW Complete, as they are manufactured products that have not had proper testing done on them, and there have been a number of incidents reported from people who have fed these diets. The Original HPW is fine. :)  

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