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Hi you actually just responded to my message, but I didn't see a response about my males tail? It's shorter than the females by quite a bit. Is that normal or okay? My boyfriend said the same about dog food but I actually have been hearing of a lot of people who have been feeding their suggies dog food.carrots every so often etc. This is my first one I don't wanna end up making it unhealthy. Do you recommend They seem to have a lot of stuff for gliders. We were planning on hand sewing a pouch. I'm not sure what material he had in mind, but I only know basic sewing. How are the sews different?

Whoops, sorry!  Without seeing a picture, it's hard to tell.  Most glider tails are pretty similar in length, if it is stubby, like seems to be part of the tail, it's possible there was an accident or it was over groomed while he was in pouch.

I do not recommend Exotic Nutrition.  They sell a lot of unhealthy things, and unsafe products. There are a couple of good things speckled in their website, but unless you know what you're looking for you're better off avoiding them.

Hand sewing is never safe for gliders. It's impossible to get the stitches tensioned enough to be safe.You have to use a sewing machine, and know how to do hidden seams, proper stitch length, etc.

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