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Sugar Gliders/sugar glider chewing it's tail off


Jessica wrote at 2012-04-23 17:19:09
Hello after reading all this I wish to add that I recently had an accident where my gliders chewed their fleece bedding and threads wrapped around their tails resulting in broken and amputation. My males tale didn't look as bad the bet said but it's only been a couple of days and now he has self mutilated and the bone in his tail is showing . If they are in pain and can not get away from it they can start to self mutilate .

As for Fred I feel your pain my first glider Tao passed away suddenly on me . Fine one day and the nexty boyfriend said he became very aggressive and wash gone before I got home . We still dot know what happened. And same as you they always get fresh water fruits juices lean meats and insects and they live in a huge 7 ft tall by 3ft wide cage tones of toys branches etc.  

Dr. B. wrote at 2013-05-19 06:47:44
Although this question is extremely old, hopefully this information can help a sugar glider owner in need of answers in the future...

Fred's dehydration was almost definitely caused by kidney failure, which is caused by the grapes. Sugar gliders are not meant to eat grapes, there is a lot of evidence proving they are deadly for them. Secondly, the corn was also a deadly choice because of its astronomical amount of phosphorus compared to calcium content (50 times as much phosphorus to be exact!!). Sugar gliders need fruits/veggies with LOW amounts of phosphorus compared to calcium ratio.  

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