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QUESTION: hi i'm sarah
lately i have been cutting my wrist and i find it really had to stop if i could i would sit there and cut myself till i died. i no i need help but i cant help it i get so worked up about everything can you help me any advise at all please.

It\'s a Beautiful Life!
It's a Beautiful Life!  
ANSWER: Hi Sarah,

I'm glad that you're seeking advice about this, and I really want to help you. I don't believe in just sending you a few paragraphs and leaving you to 'get on with it' and sort things out for yourself, particularly when I feel that the problem is complex and a person needs on-going support for a while. I'm saying this, because I want you to know you can come to me to talk about anything that is troubling you - whenever you need to, and I promise I will not judge you or betray your trust in any way. Whatever you tell me is strictly between us. At the moment your question is not set to 'private'. If you want to talk more about confidential matters you can either set it to private, or you can choose to email me privately. I will give you my email address if you would like to do this Sarah.

Okay.. I would like to start by asking you some questions that might help us to get to the bottom of why you are self harming. Once I understand you a little better it will be easier to help you to find strategies that will help you conquer this behavior and be in charge of your own life.

Have you had a difficult childhood, or been hurt by some of the things that have happened during your life, for example your parent's divorce, experiencing sexual abuse, physical abuse, or psychological abuse (ie, being called "stupid", or other hurtful names by people who should be caring for you).   

I ask this because often when people inflict pain on their body, it is a way to divert the pain that they feel in their hearts (inside themselves) to something that they can cope with better, and perhaps understand better.. physical pain. Basically we can only feel a certain amount of pain at any one time. For example if you stub your toe it will hurt. However if you break your arm you will no longer feel any pain on your toe, because your are focussed on the pain in your arm! Or if you are hungry and your tummy is growling, you will feel quite uncomfortable.. until you stub your toe and it takes your mind off your hunger! Does that make sense honey?

How are things at home for you? Do you get along okay with your parents? Are you able to talk with them, or not really..?

What would make your life happier, if you could choose anything at all and magically change it..?

How are things at school for you? Grades okay? Do you have a good set of friends?

Tell me about yourself Sarah.. only as much as you feel comfortable telling me. I'd like to know more about you.. what your interests are.. what you'd like to do with your life?

Sarah I hope you won't mind my asking you these things.. you don't have to tell me anything you would rather not. And you can feel free to ask me anything at all :-)

Tomorrow I will post some very good resources that may help you with stopping the cutting. I will also source some online groups you might find interesting.

Speak to you then..

(((hugs))) for you Sarah!

with love, from Rachel xo

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks can i have your e-mail or something and i would feel more conferable talking though that xo my email is  

Hi Sarah, my email is

I am looking forward to talking with you soon hun. Remember also that whatever we discuss private STAYS private.  It is important to me that you know you can trust me to have your best interests at heart, and keep your confidence. I will wait until I have your email before posting the links.

Speak soon..!


with love,


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