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hi rachel,
i was out walking with my mom, when we passed two attractive girls, my mom said hello, but they didn't respond. i figured that's the last we'll see of them. while returning back to our starting point, i heard people jogging right behind us. it was the two girls again. as they went around us, one of them got a little too close for my liking. there we were side by side briefly. i took it as a rude gesture. i'm a fair size guy with a long beard. i thought they would be a little more intimidated by my appearance, resulting in them not getting as close while passing by. this brought my self-esteem down quite a bit. if it would have been a guy or an old person, i wouldn't have minded as much. they just had to be two attractive girls who showed little respect for their elders. i just need a few pointers on how to overcome these negative thoughts. thanks very much for your time.

Dear Greg,

It is difficult for me to understand what went on that day, without having been there and seen for myself the interaction you had with these girls. However, even without seeing it, it seems apparent that you are very sensitive and take to heart the smallest of slights - real or imagined. It is entirely possible that these girls were so busy talking to each other about something completely unrelated to you, that they did not notice they were being rude to you - ie, walking too close for comfort. As you pointed out, you are not a small person and they would not have wanted to mess about with somebody who could potentially harm them, I imagine. Even if they were deliberately walking close to you, or sharing a giggly conversation amongst themselves about you, it is unlikely to have been derogatory, especially given the presence of your mother.
It is a possibility that they liked the look of you, and were flirting, in an awkward sort of way. As I said, it is difficult to know.  

Of greater concern Greg, is your lack of self esteem. This incident with the girls, was not worthy of such a large investment of your time, energy, and thought. With healthier self esteem you would have quickly forgotten all about it, and not given it a second thought. May I ask - did your mother have anything to say on the matter?

Why do you think that you lack self esteem? I mean, clearly you do.. but what do you believe has been the reason for this? We you criticized by your parents when you were growing up? Or by somebody else who was an influential person or role model?

I think it would be very healthy and beneficial for you to get to the bottom of this. You may need to have a course of counseling to work through your thoughts, self-beliefs, self-image, etc, with a professional counselor or psychotherapist.

I am unable to provide you with any resources, as I am not aware of your location. However if you do a google search you should find plenty of therapists in your area. If you are concerned about cost, inquire as to free services. You should probably find this information in the front of your white pages phone book.

Please let me know how you get on Greg.  Btw I am glad you wrote to me, as I remember you from previously and had wondered how you were getting on. :-)

Good luck with this and stay in touch. :-)

Warmest regards,

Rachel xx

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