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I feel sad and watch videos about suicide today. But I don't want to kill myself. Relationships and life in general is difficult due to my psychological diagnosis. Maybe being alone and feeling sad is my comfort even if being alone doesn't help at all.
I feel like myself when I feel sad. That's me in a way. I need people to console/comfort me but they relationships are too difficult. Why should I even try anymore when it comes to relationships? Any thoughts on this? I am actually afraid of death even if I have fantasized about suicide just to feel sad. My schoolyears sucked as well!

Hi Johannes,
I do understand what it is you are saying, and you are not unusual in sometimes seeking out sad movies or songs in order to feel melancholy. Melancholia is not the same thing as depression. Some people feel more connected to others just by sympathising about their plight, or imagining being in a similar situation. When relationships break up, or when we lose a loved one through death, or through separation, we will often seek out sad songs to comfort ourselves!  In a way it helps us to move forward in our healing.

Johannes would you feel comfortable telling me what your diagnosis is? Perhaps I can help you further by providing some resources specific to your condition. Any additional information you can give me would help as well. :-)


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All questions sent to me will receive a warm and caring response. I'll do my utmost to address a persons particular problem, but in most cases will also attempt to supply that individual with additional resources which might be of further benefit. There are many helpful online support groups where readers can benefit from the ongoing support of others who have suffered similar problems. These groups offer invaluable peer support from others who have 'been there'. As well as responding to your initial letter, I'll attempt to provide ongoing encouragement when this is needed. Advice will be focused on addressing the writers individual needs, and providing related information and resources. I would try to ensure that any person seeking advice has accurate and up-to-date information on the signs and symptoms of depression, and importantly, is made aware that help is available through many different avenues. Where I feel that it's relative and helpful I would mention my own life experiences with depression and coping with a loved one's suicide (however, only in context.) I would be on the lookout for warning signs that the person is in crisis and may require immediate intervention. As such I would arm myself with as much information as possible in order to refer them to the help they need. In cases where I believed the persons life to be in imminent danger I would contact authorities in their area, or if unknown, I would call the emergency services in my area in order for the person to be located through tracking.


I am by no means a trained professional. My knowledge comes mainly through life experience, having endured the devastating loss of my best friend through suicide, as well as my own subsequent battle with depression following his death. I found that my own experience of losing a loved one to suicide put me in a strong position to help others, due to my ability to empathize (as opposed to sympathizing). I became knowledgeable on the topic of grief, and the extensive repertoire of depressive illnesses, signs, symptoms, and treatment options available to people in crisis.

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