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Now that Obama Care has been upheld by the court and made law, can another President just 'do away with it'? I know enough about politics to know that politicians will make promises they can't keep. I for one, like Obama Care. Even if I myself am not eligible for help, I can only imagine how many people like me suffer because they can't afford help.

Hi Joyce,
Only one one case was ruled on. There is case working their way there courts right now.
Legal action is not done yet.
Can future President do away with it? Not on their own. The house can defend it. Either the House or Senate start a bill to repeal it. The President would need to sign it. If was vetoed Congress can override it.

Now keep in mind the Administration knew 93 million with insurance will lose coverage and be forced into much more expensive because only 5 plans can offered Bronze, Silver 2 plans, Gold, & Platinum. For most people premiums will be going dramatically. They have high deductibles and high copays.

As of now 5 million people have lost their existing coverage. Only 200,000 have signed up for Obamacare. Many of the people who lost coverage are can not pay the new high Obamcare rates.
Those people are being harmed. The large employer and small employer mandates have been posted by a year. 1700 exemption were also given. NONE THESE moving dates are legal. There could be more legal challenges. 88 million more people will lose their insurance coverage next year. Also everyone who has medicare advantage will be losing their coverage next year.

Who being helped people who make $15000 to $25000 a year who do not qualify for medicaid. Most people making over that or single that much make over $35000 end higher rates co pays deductibles.

To make long a story short, things are going to get far worse. If the numbers continue to crater in support, I could see Veto proof majority passing a repeal coming next year. Btw If you wondering I actually the law before it passed. None of this was a surprise. The talking point the Democrats used were all lies or 1/2 truths.

There also may more court cases could be because the delays and exemption with not allowable under the law.

Then there having the insurance requirement kick in at 30 hours work week. Companies are already hiring 2 part timers instead of 1 full time employee.

Right now more people are hurt then helped at this point.

Feel free to ask follow ups.

Supreme Court Cases

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