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Considering a smaller board to add to my quiver and am wondering on the best size and if it is worth it.

I've been an 99 l intermediate freeride sound side sailor - NC central coast and Hatteras for a long time and recently worked on upgrading equipment with the goal of keeping the amount of equipment to a minimum. Current board is a '11 Tabou Rocket 125 l
4.7 (5.0)older sail 6.0, (6.7)older sail, 7.5  35/40 cm weed fins.

Looking at a 100 l JP Fun Ride or a similar board of this type. Could you provide your thoughts on this potential purchase?


Hey Steve,

Some of your choice would depend upon the conditions you are planning to be sailing in. With the newer designs of boards, going to a little smaller board will give you a bit more range in higher winds. Dropping 25 ltr is not much of  a drop with the range boards have now days. If you have been sailing a 99 ltr board and the conditions allow for you to go to around 85-90 ltr, then I would lean towards this range. Newer boards will carry a bit more sail now so your sail ranges are good. You may need to get a 4.0-4.2 if the conditions happen often enough. And an 85-90 ltr board would still work well in the wind range a 4.0 works in.

As for the JP, just about any JP board is a good buy. The key thing to consider is the prevailing conditions you plan to use the board in. If you are staying sound side, flat to choppy, small swells, etc. then a freeride board would work well. And, you can still get out and try some smaller waves if you want.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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