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QUESTION: Hi there, I need a daggerboard and fin for an old Curtis Hawk Tech-one Sailboard.  Any suggestions?


ANSWER: Hey Darlene,

The fin shouldn't be a problem. There are shops online that will have the type you need. Look for A Box, US Box, or Chinook box type fins. For an older board like yours, look for freeride or race fins about 10-15" long.  Here is a site with the type fin you need. It is mainly how the fin fits into the box. You can find better prices for used ones on ebay.

As for the daggerboard, it will be very difficult to find one to fit your board. eBay might have something but try any type of searching using the board name/model. You might get a lucky hit on a personal ad. If you don't find a daggerboard, having just a fin will still enable you to use the board as a Stand up Paddle board.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Windlover, thanks very much for the info.

What is meant by a "box type" fin?  Is this referring to how the fin is attached to the board?  My board has a very long skinny rectanglular space for the fin to fit into.  (maybe 8-10 inches long)


Hey Darlene,

Sorry I wasn't very clear. 'A Box' is a type of fin box and the fins will be called 'A Box', U S Box, or Chinook fins as they will only fit your type of box. Look at the fins in the link I sent and compare them to some other fins on that site. Fins are named by the type 'fin box' they fit into. Look closely at the part that will go onto the board. There are also names for the type of sailing the fins are used for ie; race, wave, freeride, etc.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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