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I live in Puerto Rico and use to windsurf in the 80's dusting off my old O'brien found out is in very good condition but I can't find the mast foot. The question is; Are all the mast tracks standard size? Also looking at the newer models I notice that there are lock nuts on most mast foots but my two piece mast doesn't have side holes will that be a problem? I'm looking foward to go sailing again.

Hey Gerry,

If your board has a slot about 12-14" long, then you have a standard mast track. All standard type mast tracks are the same size. What you will need is a new mast base and a mast extension. The base connects to the board and the extension connects to the base. The extension will go into the mast and is adjustable to accomodate different size sails.

Here is what you need;

I recommend buying new but used can be found on ebay. If you go with used, be sure to ask for lots of good pics of the product to determine the condition.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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