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I will have to make a quick decision over the weekend  about buying a 1989 Mistral Ventura,( which I haven't seen yet ). Do you know off hand if the original Mistral mast-foot can take today's masts or, better still, if it can take a standard Chinook mast-foot? I hear it is ( or was!) a terrific longboard ). For only $ 200, including wishbone and  5.2 and 6.0 sails, it would be a good deal, provided I can use it as a second board  with a new generation mast and sails from the other board. If not, I'll forget about, unless there is an easy way to fit a new generation mast on the old mast-foot and railing.

What  do you think?



Hey Franco,

First off, if I recall correctly, the Ventura should have a standard mast track which would accommodate any new standard mast base.

Secondly, $200 seems a bit much for that old of a board but, with the sails, it might be a good deal. Mainly depends on the age and condition of the sails and also the condition of the board. If everything is in B to C+ condition, (A = excellent, B = great, C = good, etc), then the price sounds reasonable. If anything falls bellow C+, negotiate the price. Hope it works out well for you.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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