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I bought a board 9.5, with 2 sails, mast is 2 parts and the part you hold on to that is attached to the sail.  I've never windsurfed but I sailed a little and have lived on the water my whole life - just looked like fun.  It's old equipment but I only paid 150 and maybe it will get me started.  Mine is also missing the part that connects the mast to the board.  Could I ask some advice on best place to find instructions on how to get started with windsurfing and what is needed to be sure I've got it all and best way to learn.

Hey Ernie,

You can get a replacement mast base here;

You will probably need an extension also;

You can find these at other online shops and also used on ebay. If you buy used, be sure to get as many good pics from the seller as you can to determine the condition of the item(s). Ropes are easily replaced but the main components need to be in good to excellent condition.

As for the gear you bought, a 9.5 board will be a very difficult board to learn on. It will not have enough volume to float you easily during the rope starting and learning process. I'm sure the seller said you would be able to learn on it but, they were trying to sell their gear. They weren't worried about how difficult it would be for you to learn on a shorter board. Most beginner level boards are 10.5+ with volumes in the 200 liter+ range. Your board probably has around 110-125 ltrs, 135 at best. Your best bet is to try to find someplace nearby that offers lessons and try to get through the basics. Or, find an older longboard for cheap to learn on. Once you have the basics down, the 9.5 will be a good transition board for you.

For learning to set up your rig, here are a couple of lengthy posts I've written that should help.

Feel free to ask more questions as you move along your journey into one of the more addictive sports around.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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