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thank you for being here.  I am looking at buying a complete package  (EVERYTHING included) Itsa Alpha Comptec 130f 295cm walter feldt. competition base wind surf package   its All there.  what price am i looking at paying for this?   its in great condition

Hey Marcella,

That Alpha is a fairly old board, probably 25+ years old. Even in great condition the plastic parts are brittle and not as strong as they used to be. If anything breaks, it will be extremely difficult to replace. If the sail is from the same era, it is very outdated and not easy to learn with. Those older boards are fairly stable but the newer wide style boards are much easier to learn on.

All this being said, a rig that old has a very low resale value. If they are asking more than $100, offer $50. Paying more is up to your pocketbook but more than $75 is not recommended. Something to consider is how you will transport the rig to the water. Factory car racks aren't designed for something that size so aftermarket racks like Yakima or Thule are highly recommended.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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