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Hi Windlover,

I've got a 12' Tencate DDF Windsurfer with a Mistral Progressive Line 6.3 sail (mast 4.63, ext - yes, sleeve 4.80, boom 2.15. It has a boom and a few other pieces of rope. I am interested in selling it and have no idea how to go about that, as I am not a windsurfer. The sail seems in good shape, but the board is a bit of a project - about an inch of the tip is missing and there are two small patches on the top. The board is near Grand Rapids MI.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Hey Gail,

Your best bet for trying to sell your board would be through ebay or Craigslist. Your gear is all mid eighties gear and doesn't have much resale value. You could advertise it as a windsurfer that can be used as a SUP (stand up paddle) board. Some folks ask way too much for old gear and never sell it. Expect to get $50-100 on a good day and take any offer above $25. The key part you need to have to get the best price is the mast base. It connects the sail to the board and is somewhat specific to the board.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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