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Not knowing if you are still involved with providing help for stranded windsurfers, I would be grateful for good answers :
My old Hi-Fly F2 Comet board desperately needs an overhaul.  The mast base and the lever on the mast carriage are broken (see attached images).   I hope that I can find a replacement base and a solution for fixing the carriage and base to the board.  How can I remove the alu-track without destroying the board?
Thank you for your response.

Hey Hermann,

The slider part of the track is shot and finding a replacement will be very difficult. There is a fix for it but it makes your mast base a fixed position mast instead of a movable mast track. Won't be much trouble if you are sailing in consistent winds.

I will add links to the parts that will get you going. The rubber u-joint is easily replaced. Just put your top parts on the new joint and a threaded stud on the bottom. Threads are all metric. The threaded stud will screw into the new slider nut that I will add a link for. You will have to remove your aluminum track to remove the old track system and install the new slider nut. The slider nut will stay in the track. Use a little Blue locktight on the studs going into the new u-joint. Blue is removable, Red is almost permanent.

Let me know if you need more help.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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