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I have been windsurfing for a number of years but have not advanced as beyond the basics.  My goal has been to get back to the straps on my board but inevitably point to windward or sink the tail when I do.  I am guessing that my sail trim is to blame but am not quite sure what I am doing wrong to prevent getting in better sail position.  Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey Bo,

The key to getting into the straps is having enough wind to get the board onto a plane. Any board speed below planning speed will cause the tail sinking and turning upwind. If your sail is rigged correctly, then sail trim will not have too much effect on things. Sail and board position is critical for getting on a plane. Bearing off wind on a broad reach is the best point of sail to get board speed up. Once on a plane, then you can work back into the straps.

It sounds like you could use some helpful instruction. If lessons are not available near you, search for Peter Hart windsurfing instructional videos. His videos are some of the best available.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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