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Hifly CS 500 mast foot
Hifly CS 500 mast foot  
How does one remove the mast base please? I pushed the base into the hole in the slider some days ago and now I cannot remove it. It is an old board, unused for 15 years.

Hey Norman,

That type of base connects with a two bar spring clip that locks onto the slot on the base pin.

There were two ways for those older mast bases to connect to the slider track. Some base pins were flat on two sides and only go into the hole one way and then turn 90 degrees to lock it in. The other type was just a round pin with a slot about a half inch up the pin. There is a spring type bar clip that locks into the slot on the pin and holds the base in.

Looking at your picture, I believe that your base is the second type. The small, white lever under the edge of the base could be the release for the base pin. It could press down to spread the spring bars apart and release the base. The other way it could move is to be pulled back towards the tail to release pressure on the spring clip and pull the base up. If the lever is too stiff to push down, you might try turning the base so the long part covers the lever and pushes it down to release the clip. If this how it comes off, be sure to point the long part to the front when sailing.

If you are wondering why the base is designed with the long part, the hole on the part had an elastic line going through it and connected to the bar on the nose of the board. When boards were made in Europe, they required a safety leash to keep the mast/connected to the board in the event that the base became disconnected while sailing. USA did not require the leash so most dealers didn't install them.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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