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Hello Windlover,

I have an F2 Comet Slalom 315 from circa 1992.  I pulled it out after 15 years and attempted to attach the mast foot to the adjustable mast track.  The original manual refers to a mast-foot spring that slides back and forth.  This spring is in the in/out position but once I insert the pin, I can not slide it to the left to the 'block' position.  It appears a loop attached to the spring is missing.  Any ideas of what this part is called and where I might find it?

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Hey Los,

Parts for those old boards are hard to find. You might try emailing F2 directly. They are still in business and can be found at Only other option would be eBay and Craigslist.

Another option if you can't find the part is to change the adjustable track to a fixed position track. You would remove all the adjustable parts and install a slider nut that a standard mast base would attach to. Then you just set the base at the location needed for the day's conditions.

Get a slider nut here;

Hope this helps.
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