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I was sailing my older Mistral Competition long board and unfortunately the fin box failed (don't think I hit anything except a large wave b/c I was getting a little air today the waves were so big).  Anyway, the fin box is broken in 2 places, but can be removed with 3 screws.  The board around the box looks to be repairable, but I am not sure how to locate the part for the fin box. Do you know of any source for one of those? This would be the old style A-box I think it is called...or can I just replace with a newer style tuttle box or otherwise?

Thx in advance!


Hey Eric,

Your best option is to replace it with the same size and type currently in your board. Changing to a different type is probably more work than it is worth. Just Google 'windsurfing fin box' for some sources to new boxes. You should be able to find a replacement fairly easily.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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