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fin box top (1)
fin box top (1)  

fin box top (2)
fin box top (2)  
I am trying to locate a part for my 1982/83 Wayler YPSI sailboard.  The part I require is the upper portion of the tail fin box.  The fin box is made up of two plastic parts and the tailfin is secured between these parts by pin and fin tab & screw.  The upper portion of the fin box has broken into two parts and will no longer keep the tail fin in place.  Where might I find this part, or is there an alternate tail fin and mounting kit that can be adapted for this board?

Hey Malcom,

You will have to buy a new, after market type fin box and install it. You can Google fin box windsurfing for some good info on installation, purchasing, sizing etc. Here is one that might work depending upon the length you need.

One thing to be careful of is if the shell of your board is broken at all or the core is exposed, be careful of what types of epoxy or sealant you use as some products are not compatable with the foam core. If there are just a couple of screws holding the box in, the some silicone sealer in the screw holes will keep water out. If the box is epoxied/glued, use something compatable to plastic and polyethelene.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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