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Hi Windlover.. following up on my last, attached is a pic of what I have. The small hard rubber rod and spring seem to go into the mast step but I'm not sure which end is down. It seems like it should extend out of the mast end into the fixture on the board, but there is hardly any extension that would fit into the board to keep it in place. As you can see, I have to re-rivet the boom wishbone too.

Thanks for your help!

Hey Chuck,

I must say that you have sent me quite a puzzler. I have seen most of the rigs made but this is a new one for me so bear with me while I try to help figure you this out.

It looks like the small rod should go into the board. It should fit into the hole on the forward part. The small white tab should be a locking mechanism to hold the part to the board. Try moving the tab forward to release the locking mode. Then try fitting the small rod into the hole on the part. The small end with the taper looks like it will fit right into the hole. The the locking tab should be closed to hold it. It doesn't seem like much is holding the rig to the board so if that end doesn't seem to work, try I inserting the other end.

It looks like the smaller long part should go up inside the lager part. Is the small end of the large part hollow? It looks like the narrow end should go into the large part and then thread the part into the large part. Not knowing which end will fit into the board and which end fits into the large part, try any and all configurations. It may seem like one or more ways will work but there is only one right way. Once you feel that you have it right, try lifting the board with the base. You should be able to lift the board without the base coming out.

As for putting new rivets on the boom, if you have a rivet gun, great. Just find the same size rivets or go up one size depending on the condition of the holes. Another option is using short, large size sheet metal screws. Be sure to use stainless steel screws. Let me know how things work out. Another pic of the rig when done will help me with the next questioner that has a similar rig.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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