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Please can you help, I have recently acquired an Alpha windsurfer, have decided to get into windsurfing, the mast foot goes into a tracking system, however this slides up the length of the track, how is this supposed to be secured in a certain position.
Kind regards

Hey Adrian,

Welcome to windsurfing and be forewarned, windsurfing is addicting.

There are two types of mast tracks for a windsurfer, moveable and fixed position. With a moveable system the base will lock into a moving track that allows moving the sail forward and back while on the move. Fixed position, the mast stays in one spot until you physically relocate it.

Without seeing your mast base and track, I don't know which type you have so I'm not sure how much help I can be but I will try. If your mast base has a threaded stud and nut on the bottom, you probably have a fixed position type. At the rear of the mast track there will be a wider spot. You remove the nut from the base and slide it into the track at the wide point. Move it forward to the position you want the mast (forward for light winds, back for higher winds). Screw the mast base stud into the nut and tighten securely.

For a movable type, your base will have a slotted pin that will lock into the track system. Then there will be some type of button/lever at the back end of the track that you would push with your foot to release the track and allow the mast to move forward and back. Releasing the button locks the mast into place at the desired position.

If you need more precise information, send me a pick of the bottom of your mast base and your mast track and I would be able to determine the type of system you have.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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