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jmojo wrote at 2015-02-07 00:39:36
I recently bought an Exocet Windsup 11' 8" and really like it.  You mentioned the Kona Step One.  They are similar volume and weight but the Windsup is wider.  Windsup has a lighter bamboo version for more $$.  I read about the Exoceton several message boards before I bought it. People and reviewers seemed to love it.   It has the footstrap option, and stepped tail.  None of these hybrids paddle great. Can't have everything.  However, I paddle it around and put my kid on the front and get good exercise. Not winning any races.  For beginner windsurfers, it's good too - stable, big.  It will go onto a plane easily too.  The Kona One is almost 40 lbs (15.6kg). Step One is heavy too.   Exocet Windsup is significantly lighter.  The other one to consider is the BIC Ace-Tec Wind.  It was the cheapest when I was shopping.  No footstraps or stepped tail.  I was interested in cruising around in light winds, but still planing when possible. SUPing was an extra bonus.  Starboard as so many Wind SUPS, but it is confusing.

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