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Hi Windlover

After a few years of sailing  shortboards, I got a bit disenchanted because I usually sail in light winds and I can't get them moving with anything less than an 8.5, which not only makes sailing a bit hard on the back when you uphaul or gybe, but also severely limit your time on the water because most of the time the winds are light around here and you have to sit and wait..
Reminiscent of my first longboard of 25 years ago, which moved swiftly and painlessly in light winds with only a 6 or 6.5, I wish now to go back to the longboards or something similar.
I see that now they are making  SUP's which can be rigged for windsurfing and I wonder if you have any comments or suggestions.They look very similar to the longboards, with the added bonus that you can use them for paddling around as well.
How do they compare to the real longboards? How do they perform?
I am not so much interested in speed or planing as in being able to sail around in light winds and go upwind, which can be a bit of a chore with shortboards w/out centerboard.
I have also read about the Kona One and its more basic version, the Kona One Step. I weigh 83 kg and I currently sail on a Bic Core 293. Not bad, but in the end still a shortboard, albeit longer, with all the limitations of the flat-bottomed shortboards.

Any comments on all this?


Hey Franco,

The newer 'longboards' are designed for multi-use fun ie; SUP or windsurfing old school style with a long board. They are much lighter though and probably perform quite a bit better than the old school boards. Not all SUP boards are designed to use a sail but those that are perform well as SUP's and sail well also. There are a few models that you can add footstraps to in case the winds do pick up. If this type board would work better for your light wind area, then seriously consider getting one.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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