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I bought a sailboard at the recycle center (dumps) for 10$.I have owned Pearson Arrow surfboards before and enjoyed  there turning response and top speed. The  specs are ; 8'2" 11 1/2 x 20 5/8 x 12 4 1/8  75290 Shaped by Bob Pearson.
 These specs are identical to  one of the boards I have except for the double stringer and grip type surface finish on the top side.
 Isn't this board a little short for  sailboarding?

 I have not been able to find another online. Is it Rare?

 What is it worth?

 Best Regards,


Hey Mario,

Your board may be rare in that Bob Pearson did not design or build a lot of windsurfing boards. He is known more for his surf boards, tow in boards, and more recently stand up paddle boards. Your board is not so rare as the dimensions are very common for medium to high wind windsurfing boards. Glass boards like that can be found in the Gorge (Hood River, OR) at any shop selling used gear. They range anywhere from $25-100 depending upon the condition. The value of any used gear is dependent upon demand of that type of board in your area. You might get something out of it but it might be worth more if converted to a park bench. It is not a board for learning on and the buyer would be someone that is looking for an older glass board. Buyers may be more rare than the board.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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