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Dear expert,
I recently acquired (2) windsurf boards from early to mid 80's and wanna give the sport a try. I have several masts and sails but need to connect them to my boards. I need the mast base/foot gear for:
1) Hifly 1200 [sn# HIF 13813 1184] with dual insets (holes)
2) mistral Malibu

Thank you in advance!

Hey Marc,

The HiFly will be very difficult to find a base for as that type of mast base is exclusive to that board. There are no aftermarket types that will work. eBay is the best chance of finding a base but it might take a while of regular searching.

As for the Mistral, you may be in luck. Look at the slider part. Is there two holes or one. If two, one should be threaded. If there is a threaded one, it will take a standard US Base. If there is only one hole, it will take a specific type pin that can be attached to a standard type base. Search 'Mistral mast base pin' on Google to see images and links. Be sure to get a Mistral pin as no others will fit correctly. There is also a conversion that can be done but we can cover that at a later time if you have no luck finding a pin.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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