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mast base
mast base  

It's Eric again, the guy with the old Bic board.  You were right about the fin box, and I was able to pick one up online that fits nicely.  Now, I have a problem with my mast base.  The rubber joint, I think it's called an hourglass joint, is rotting and breaking.  Not sure if there's any way to replace it, and I'm guessing the mast base was proprietary from what I've found online.  Any thoughts on how to get that part replaced?

Hey Eric,

Easy fix. You can find a new u-joint here,

Spray some liquid wrench on your old parts to help loosen the nuts/bolts. There is a metal piece inside the u-joint that looks similar to a wire spool. U
You can grip the wide part of the old u-joint with a vise to get the old nuts/bolts loose. Be VERY careful to not damage any of the plastic parts. The top one is replaceable but the bottom one is NOT.

When you put the parts on the new u-joint, use some Blue lock tight, NOT Red on the threads. Blue is removable, Red is almost permanent.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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