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I have just purchased a wayler windsurfer board but it doesn't have a mast base or anyway of finding a way to attach the mast to the board

Hey June,

I can't see the slot very well where the mast base should attach. It is hard to determine what type of mast base would work for your board. If the slot is the same as the slot for the fin on the bottom of the board, then a replacement mast base is available. If the mast base attachment is not the same, then it is a proprietary type base, specific to that board. If that is the case, then finding a base will be very difficult. If you can get a better picture of the base area (just in front of the daggerboard slot) then I could tell you what type of base you need. If you are not able to find a mast base, then you could use the board as a Stand Up Paddle board.

Hope this helps.
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