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BIC fin box
BIC fin box  

I have another question that concerns a fin for an old BIC windsurfer. I'm attaching a picture of the fix box. Would you know what type of fin I can buy for it? There is a screw hole in the center of the box but none anywhere else.

Hey Sue,

What you need is an A Box or US Box type fin. Check out the link below for an example of the type fin you need to look for. The bottom of the fin that goes into the fin box is what defines the type fin and fin box. As you can see, the fin is labeled US Box. You will also need a fin screw and plate to hold the fin in place. The nut (plate) goes into the middle slot of your fin box and slides forward. Then slide the end of the fin with the pin into the middle slot and slide it back. Adjust the fin so that the leading edge is about 1-1/2" from the front of the box. Push the fin down into the box. It might be snug. Move the nut back to line up with the screw hole on the front of the fin. Insert the fin screw in and thread it into the nut. Tighten securely. Using a folded towel for padding, put against the trailing edge of the fin and push forward to drive the front of the fin all the way into the box. Snug the fin screw again. Reverse these directions to remove the fin. You will need to get a fin even if you end up just using the board as a SUP board.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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