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We have, in the garage of our new home in vermont, two black items identified as "Fiberspar performance carbon race/speed red curve constant (64-76percent)cms stiffness 30/4 460 cm 2.25kg r460/30."  I beige, based on internet research, that these are windsurfing masts.  Are these useful and saleable to anyone?  Thanks very much.

Hey Rick,

Yes, those are windsurfing masts. They are both from around the mid to late nineties. Made from carbon fiber and being race masts, they are lighter than recreational masts. They probably have the smooth finish that race masts have for better rotation of the sails.

They are sellable but you might not find too many buyers in your area. List them on your local Craigslist site under sporting goods. List all the info on the labels and also list good pics of the labels. Look for any large scratches and wear marks where the boom would attach. ~ chest height. Put that info in your ad.

The other option would be eBay but check into shipping charges as they might be considered oversized. A key ? would be, Are they one piece or two piece masts? Two piece mast ship easier than one piece masts. Once you have an idea of shipping price, list the cost in your ad. Another option would be to list them as "local only, no shipping".

As for the value, if they are in great condition, they could be worth up to $100 each. But that is probably the high mark. You probably are looking at getting $50-100 for the pair. Until you list them and start getting some interest, prospective buyers will help determine a value that suits you and them. If there is any chance of a windsurfing shop around, someone there can help evaluate the value. Another way would be to ask for input in your Craigslist ad.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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