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How do I  slide the sail back & forth in the track?

Track tab
Track tab  
Hey Frank,

Depending upon the model, there should be a button or similar to press on to release the track. Slide the mast and release the button to lock the mast. Older models had a tubular piece with slots that the mast base locked into. This type only allowed 5 or six fixed positions. Later models used a rope/pulley system that locked the rope to allow the mast base to be in any position along the length of the track.

The button systems had a tendency to break or fail so they designed a tab type system. This system tends to fool people as the tab will lay flat in the recess of the board at the tail end of the track. Push as you might, it won't move. It actually lifts up and pivots forward. At normal sailing mode and ready for a mast move, it tilts forward at about 35 degrees. Pushing down on the tab in this position releases the mast base for moving forward or back. My guess is that you may have this type of system and this may solve your question.

The other possibility is that the track is stuck in sand and salt. If the above seems to work but the track won't move, it might need some cleaning. Take some hot water (hot as your tap will provide) and poor it in the track. Let soak until cool, rinse well, repeat. Keep repeating and working the track to try and get it moving. Take care not to force anything too hard as many parts are plastic which can get brittle over time. Finding replacement parts is very difficult (think nearly impossible) so be gentle.

I have attached a photo of my '97 Equipe mast track tab.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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