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Broken attachment
Broken attachment  

The whole piece
The whole piece  
I have an old Mistral windsurfer & I think the foot was permanently attached to the mast. A friend borrowed it & snapped it off. I can see threads  like a screw and broken plastic. Is there any way to reattach or replace with other parts or am I just out of luck?


You are in luck as the most important part is still intact. The part in your picture is specific to your board and if it breaks or is lost, your board becomes a Stand Up Paddle board. So, fixing the broken part is easy. I will send links for a new base and extension. You will need to remove the rubber hourglass shaped part (universal joint). Look into the end of the part, there should be a nut or Allen head screw. Spray some liquid wrench or similar penetrating oil in there and let it soak overnight. Once you have the u-joint off you can put a new u-joint on. If there is a nut on your part, replace it with a stainless steel nylock nut. If it is an Allen head bolt or a standard bolt, replace with stainless metric bolt. ALL threads on u-joints are METRIC. The links are for new items. You could find used that will work from eBay or Craigslist, or Google mast bases to find other online shops. Chinook products are high quality. If you find used or other brand bases, just swap out the bottom of the mast base out with the bottom part for your board. Be sure to get base and extension that are compatible with each other.




Hope this helps.
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