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Busted Bic Fin Box
Busted Bic Fin Box  
Hi Windlover.
I just broke the fin-box in my Bic Hard Rock purchased in the late-mid 1980s in the UK. The cassette broke in two but the board side seems undamaged.
You seem to have answered a similar question before ... is there anywhere that I might be able to purchase a new fin-box cassette?
Having sailed the board in the UK and now in Australia for nearly 3 decades and having had tons of fun doing so it would be sad to see it sidelined for the sake of these small bits of plastic!
many thanks

Hey Robert,

Sorry about the delay in replying. You can Google 'fin box' to find a variety of places that sell the type of fin box you are needing. Key thing is to get the same type as yours which has a few different names. A Box, US Box, or Chinook. Chinook sailing actually has a fin box that should work for you. Be sure to measure the length of yours as they usually come in either a 8" or 10" size.

The attachment may not be exact but between your screws and some epoxy, you should be able to get your board going again.

Here is a link to Bic products that you might try contacting them direct to see if they possibly have a fin box laying around.,3,109.html

Again, sorry about the delay in replying.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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