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My board's vent hole(?) was open while in storage entire winter - to dry and let it breathe.
Yesterday i took it on water first time this season, and put the bolt in with my hands, but forgot to tighten it with a screwdriver.  Wind was 15-20, some chops on the water.  I was on the water for about 30 to 40 min before remembering about the bolt - came ashore and tightened it.  Obviously could've done better, still learning :).
My question is how much water might have gone in and what's the best course of action now?
(The board is Mistral Screamer 133, if that matters.)
Thank you for an advice!

Hey Astrogator,

If you had the plug hand tight, really strong chance that you didn't get much water in, if any. Best thing to do now is store it with the vent open and down so the vent is the low spot. This allows any drips to drain out. Just do this anytime the board is being stored and you should not have any problem. A small amount of water won't hurt the modern day core material as much as it used to. Just remember to tighten the plug in the future.

Keep on sailing,

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