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I have a few old windsurf boards that I originally bought solely for repurposing as stand-up paddleboards.  That was great, and they served their purpose nicely, until I decided I wanted to learn to windsurf.  I have now discovered that the reason these 30+ yr-old boards can be had for really short money (all < $100) is because the old rubber and plastic parts break easily after sitting dormant for so long.  So I now have two mast bases which are busted.  One uses a rubber hourglass u-joint, which I am pretty sure I can replace, and the other uses a urethane (?) tendon, that isn't close to the size I've been able to find today (the Chinook/Bic style).  Mine is around 6.5" long, and 1/2" diameter.  It is from a Marlin Red board circa late-80s.  The part of the mast base that mounts to the board is a proprietary, non-standard design.  I am wondering what my options are for mounting a more modern, more serviceable base?  Any ideas (other than throwing it all out and buying completely new equipment) are gretly appreciated.


Newer equipment is so much easier to sail and progress on.  I strongly recommend getting a lesson or 2 from a local shop or windsurfer on new or near new equipment.  Sailing on older boards (more than 10 years old) can quickly turn you off to this amazing sport.  If you are intent on using your older boards, you will have to spend time searching around the web to try to find replacements as that is the only route you can go with proprietary equipment and this is becoming extremely difficult to find. Use google to search for > windsurfing equipment < and be prepared to spend time on your computer searching to see what is available. You can also try craigslist for locally available equipment.  

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Windsurfing expert. 25+ years windsurfing experience. I can give advice about learning to windsurf, the best places to learn and the best equipment to learn on. I can also offer advice on what equipment to purchase based on your skill level, weight and sailing location. Ask me before you buy. The boards made in the last 5 or 6 years are so much easier to sail and learn on. An advance word of advice: stay away from buying old boards unless you know exactly what you are buying and know that all parts are there. I get so many questions about how to set up old boards that usually end up being broken or missing parts and it is impossible to buy parts for these old boards. Remember, it is impossible to find parts for old boards. Try not to buy a board that is more than 5 or 6 years old. As boards age they begin to absorb water. Once that occurs the board is toast and it happens with a lot of boards over 10 years old. When you ask questions, please let me know what part of the world you are from so I can tailor the advice to your location. DO NOT ASK ME WHERE TO GET PARTS DO NOT ASK ME WHERE TO GET PARTS


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